What does an e-portfolio do for you all that during the twelve months of the program as and when you keep on doing certain projects certain course-related projects as well as capstone project this portfolio keeps getting generated automatically and what happens, in that case, is all the activities which you are doing all the techniques which you are using across different projects they get they keep getting they all keep getting captured here automatically?

At the end of the program, you can share this is a shareable portfolio on LinkedIn or Facebook or that kind of platforms during the once the portfolio is generated you can go ahead and share this portfolio on these platforms because many times we have seen that there are companies there is a profession who are actually using these platforms to hire analytics professionals and depending off based on the kind of projects you have done based on kind of skill sets you have in terms of tools and techniques which you have used and that is why we have brought this feature you can move to websites like hacker Earth or Cable or this kind of places where the critters are actively looking for to hire professionals based on the kind of project work which they have done and this report this e-portfolio can be shared on that particular platform so that is something which is there.

I was talking about hackathons so during the program we also organize certain hackathons for every batch wherein you get a much more elaborate hands-on experience on a particular problem statement and there is a recently if you will visit our website you will find that recently we have conducted one hackathon it went very very great elect candidates were able to actually participate and compete with each other in terms of knowing whose model works the best who can relate to the problem statement in the best manner by working on the various tools and techniques which we have taught in the program.

So all these things again make the program very very productive and attractive for the candidates especially the working professionals who are looking forward to joining these twelve months we can analytics program now I'll not spend much time on the aluminized speak part you can definitely visit our website our Illumine is currently are working in one of the Demean top organizations in the countries you name the organization they are actually working there, so it is also again because of all the things which I just talked about all those things contribute to moving from where they are to where was where they were to where they are at this point of time now I'm sure a lot of you will be having query related to career enhancement that what we do so what we do is that we provide active support, so we provide active support in terms of the opportunities which gets generated for our candidates during the program.

So there is a team which we have a career support team which is there which looks after more and more job opportunities for our candidates, and we provide our career support services with that respect, so we reach out to the different organization to seek for little opportunities which they have, and we share those opportunities with the candidates who are participating in that program and during this, it generally happens in the second half of the program where you would have at least learned some concepts so that you can demonstrate it to your recruiter, so we keep sharing those job opportunities to or to our candidates and if you are interested in applying for those opportunities you can submit your resume to us, and we will forward it to the organization and then the process is taken further from there so in the past.

We have seen that companies like McKenzie or Amazon supply swiggy Deloitte Genpact no matter what this kind of organizations top-notch organizations, in fact, have shared the job opportunities with us and we, in turn, have shared it with our candidates and the kind of salaries which have been offered across different job opportunities depending upon the work experience range it ranges between 5 lakhs to 50 lakhs in terms of the opportunities which have been shared with our candidates and as a result what we have seen that around 35 to 40 transitions are happening every month now these are the transitions which are happening from our the set of candidates who have just recently graduated from the program as well as from the candidates who are also there in as a part of the program.

This is something which is happening actively on the basis of the kind of project work which they have done the kind of understanding and the expertise which they have gained over a period of time and one thing which goes a long way in determining what kind of opportunities you can get is also the kind of networking and the exposure which you provide yourself during the program now networking with the industry and experts industry experts who come into the program as well as the batchmates which which you have in the program becomes very very important if you see across every batch you will find that the kind of work experience mix which we have we have kept it deliberately in that manner because we want to make sure that when you are solving a problem or when you are working on a capstone project you don't just work from one point of view you if there are professionals from different different industries they give you different point of views in terms of solving the same problem depending upon from which industry they are coming from.

That broadens the understanding of the the work which you are doing in the program that is one thing now when you are working or studying in a batch with an average experience of around eight to nine years and the highest experience goes to around 15 18 20 years or 25 years also in certain cases so there are professionals who are also working in a position where they can actually influence or actively they can make a hiring decision within their organization and we have seen in past that these professionals have gone on and hired their own batch mates if they are performing well we have seen that people have been hired by their own batch mates themselves so those are that is one kind of an opportunity some time back I was talking about the the opportunity which people created for themselves by working on a project they they came together in a group of four or five people and they worked on a project and they went on and started their own startup someone actually became a freelancing consultant within this particular domain and all those kind of opportunities gets generated.

When you are working when you are studying in the program it just opens up your mind to different possibilities in different industries which currently a lot of professionals who initially join the program are not aware of this happens because we are having active as you may interview preparation industry session all these kind of things which are happening it is opening up the minds of people in terms of the opportunities which exist and all those things have worked together to make sure that around 67 to 70 percent of the professionals who are joining in our program they have been able to transition into analytics now within they would have transition either within their organization or outside but that is where they have been able to move and that is something which is again a very very important aspect of the program.

Ultimately you join a program because you want to gain a certain concrete outcome from it whether it is in terms of salary increase in terms of the opportunities which you get even if I talk about the salary increase then on an average we have seen that our candidates have got a hike of around 40 to 45 percent in that range after completing the program or after transitioning and that is something which again considering that most of the professionals are from non analytics background is a very very substantial output our hike which most candidates are getting as compared to an industry standard.

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