What can you expect from the program and then of course we will open up the floor for questions as we go along the presentation as and when you have questions please feel free to type into the questions tab and you know at the end of the webinar I would make it a point that I go through these questions are try and answer all of them if not most all right.

So on that note let's get started so the first question is you know why is there so much buzz around machine learning and why is it being said that the future is all about machine learning if you look at know some stats that will be put around Passion itself predicts that machine learning and data science section in India is likely to witness an Eightfold growth from 2 billion in 2017 - or 20 attorneys to about 16 billion dollars in 2025.

So the industry in India itself is likely to grow by a billion dollars McKinsey predicts that India is likely to become one of the top two markets for machine learning by 2020 you know superseded only by us and you can actually look at you know the recent trends and recent quotes by leaders from technology companies and you will see that all of them are pointing towards the emergence of machine learning and why machine learning and AI you know these two are skill sets that are extremely critical in the days to come.

So if you are you know in a technical career or a technical line of career right now and if you are at a crossroad wherein you either feel that you know your growth is likely to slow down or has already stagnated or you're also feeling insecure because of the changes around you then you know there can be no better time than now to essentially equip and upskill yourself in a trend that is future-forward and the trend that is generating thousands of jobs every month in fact ends up are also jobs every year really yeah right and that skill set is machine gun and that's why machine learning is becoming so important because more and more businesses more and more companies more and more product services companies are actually now embracing machine learning and are looking for talented machines which is the reason why there is so much there's so much interest both in the candidate level you want to learn and as well and also.

In the industry level you want to hire people with machine learning degrees and machine learning competencies and interesting you know survey point that also came across is that if he globally is you look at data scientist and machine learning engineers and more than half of them actually have a postgraduate degree and that again points to a fact that you know this is a skill set that needs hard work and persistence to acquire right so don't be superficial so if you are serious about learning machine learning.

If you're serious about exploring opportunity is in this field then you go to do yourself a huge disservice by being superficial it's a selector program that's rigorous select a program that gives you the credentials of a master's level programs like the program that's respected by the industry as being a master's level program and a go deep because that is the skillet and that is the competence that the industry demand all right so what's the first really about and before I go any further I wanted to show this interesting infographic to all of you I'm sure many of you could have seen this before there's a very famous infographic it's published every year and for 2018 was published just for a few days back this is what happens in an internet minute in the world we did it right.

So in 2017 you know just looking at some of these marquee names so in 2017 in 60 seconds in one minute there were 3.5 million search fairies and Google there were about 900,000 logins at Facebook cumulatively 70,000 hours of Netflix videos were watched 450,000 full at fifty thousand tweets were sent in a 4.1 million videos were viewed right and I've just picked out some of these data points and of course, these are put together with marquee names that all of us can relate to them but that doesn't mean that this is the only scale of data consumption so you can see the world that we are living in right every year data generation and data consumption and data distribution is actually increasing exponentially.

Now if these have to and the other also that data for everybody is an asset right so all these businesses that are listed here last businesses in general are looking at data as an asset so every data point that gets mine is extremely important then because they are trying to put together patterns identify it what's the story behind the scenes you know predict the future everything all of those decisions are being made on the basis of data that has been captured now if he brings bribringsbrings thereon to these products to these businesses than thanetantalizezele of challenge that we face right so if Google is having 3.5 million search queries every second you can imagine the kind of large-scale tech infrastructure that needs to be there to even be equipped to analyze this data and secondly you have to build you know you have to build systems and then golems and shuts away that these get smarter with time right these are able to predict given how you train they're not given the inputs right so that these also get better with time.

You've reduced human dependence on the first level of analysis and that in in a lutz is what machine learning is and what's really you know giving an impetus to careers in machine learning globally and in India can be understood by this infographic which is from Deloitte and the know it clearly predicts that you know the application of machine learning is going to intensify by several foals and 2018 driven largely by large and medium-sized enterprises and you can see that number right it's saying that in 2018 the number of machine learning implementations are likely to be double of that happened in 2017 and similarly by 2020 it's likely to be double of what is happening in 2018.

You can see that that the industries are almost doubling you know every one to two years and that is a fantastic space to be in if you think selfishly about your own career another very telling you to know data point is that it's a spending focus like what our prisons are spending today to transition to machine learning so in 2017 that spend globally was about 12 billion dollars and by 2021 that's like it could be fifty-seven point six million dollars right so almost 5x in four years right that is the rate of growth that everybody is expecting machine learning fries to tithe surrtheng businesses

If there are any challenges it is not on the spending or the intent part it is not on the fact that companies want to go you know all-in when it comes to application and this limitation of machine learning if there's anything that's holding back right the biggest challenge that companies are facing today are you know practitioners of the machine I meanitss talent is specialized and you can see that the first point there all right in terms of what has held machine learning back but there are just a few people right now who are well-trained and well skilled in machine learning and that is the opportunity that you have.

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