If you are looking forward to using analytics as a tool or a technique within your current job within your current organization how you can go about it and equipping yourself in that particular area and that is something which we are going to discuss further in this presentation and I'm sure that during the presentation you will be having a lot of queries or concerns regarding the program you might be you what you might want to know something specific so what you can do is that you can type in the questions panel which is there on your screen and after I'm done with the presentations.

I will be taking up those questions one by one, so I would just request your patience in that regard that please do let me finish the questions finish the session first in the meanwhile you can keep typing your questions in the questions panel and I will take it up at the end of the session and I will try and make it as quick as possible so if I talk about the analytics industry over the period of time we have heard a lot about how analytics is picking up pace within the country as well as across the world and there is a lot of buzz around the the the entire analytics industry at this point of time.

It is also precisely for a reason that more and more decisions in today's scenarios and today's business scenarios are actually being taken by taken based on that based on the data on any decision which you are today the colonization's which are taking today are based on the data and the decision-making has been more and more structured as compared to what it was earlier we used to make more decisions based on how our experience has been in past now we are trying to predict the future of a business we are trying to predict a sales pipeline we are trying to manage a project we are trying to build but better healthcare facilities using the data analytics and business analytics part and that is where analytics as an industry is gaining more and more prominence going forward and that is what we have seen over the last couple of years since 2013 onwards we have seen that analytics has picked up the pace.

If I talk about the last one year or one and a half years then the analytics industry has generated a revenue of around 2.7 1 billion dollars although it is a small number as compared to the other established industries in the country because the industry is the analytics vertical domain itself has picked up pace only in the last couple of years it's a substantial jump over the previous years, and we are seeing an annual growth rate of around thirty-three point five percent in within the analytics area itself as far as the analytics magazine India magazine reports are to become concerned we are estimating the growth of around seven times then as compared to what we are today in the next seven years basically it is going to grow at 100% almost every year the industry is going to grow it is also because it is also happening because of the kind of infrastructure the kind of investments which are actually coming into this area both from the comments.

I side as well as the form the private side I am sure most of you would have recently heard our Honorable Prime Minister, Mr. Nadine Moi, talking about a lot of these things artificial intelligence data analytics and other activities he was very very recently he was in the news when he was addressing the convocation of IIT Mumbai and that is where and that is where it also shows the interest of the government at this point of time within the analytics area within the artificial intelligence area so that is something which is definitely going to grow a lot more maybe it if it cell process the kind of estimation which we have in the next five to ten years than I don't think, so we should be surprised because that is the kind of growth rate which the industry is looking forward to at this point of time and if I talk about the startups which we have at this point of time than they are also one main source one major source.

I would say of employment generation one major source of growth within the industry a lot of startups have come in in last two-and-a-half three years or so and that is where we are seeing a lot of funding also happening so professionals or people like you who are interested or someone someone might be interested in doing something right from scratch doing something new if you are interested in doing that then yes startups are also providing ANN an an an a lot of opportunities in the current environment they are coming up with new new ideas and services which they are offering their offering analytics as a service to different organizations and even different countries in various ways and that is where we are seeing that the growth is happening and in the last two two-and-a-half years three years we have seen that around seven hundred million dollars of funding has happened within the startup domain and that is something which is growing at a fairly fast pace as compared to what it has been in past this is what I was talking about that in terms of the revenue which has been which is being generated over the past few years if you see 2016 17 18.

It has been on the growths from 2017 to 2018 the growth has been a lot higher than what it was in 2016 to 17, and we are projecting as per the reports we are projecting the growth to be around somewhere around 20 or it should cross 20 billion dollars in terms of the revenue generation by 2025 so every year it is actually growing at a very very fast pace and that also presents a lot of opportunities both in terms of job opportunities in terms of salaries in terms of career growth in terms of usage of analytics not only within exclusively for the companies who are working in analytics but also for the nonanalytic domain-based companies the more and more analytics is going to pick up the pace the better.

It is the more opportunities are going to be generated within finance healthcare marketing supply chain operations telecom in different different domains and sectors the opportunities are going to get generated people will have to upskill themselves in terms of being more relevant to the growing requirements of the business and being more in line with what the trend is because gone are the days when we used to again I would say we used to think more on the basis of the experience now what businesses want whether you are working in marketing or sales or finance or market supply chain or operations department or any vertical you are working in what the business wants or what your business organization wants is that you should be able to predict that from now onwards the next five years how much you are going to grow how much you are going to earn how much you are going to expand in terms of the the outcomes what the business has actually set for you and in order to do that you cannot just rely on the past data you cannot just rely on what has happened in past because what has happened in past might not necessarily happen in future also and that is where analytics comes into picture.

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