We're generally people get between 25 and 30 percent so these are the opportunities which you can definitely explore now this is the batch profile which we have professionals are coming from different industries ITB FSI consulting research automobile different industries and the education background is also like that you don't need to have an engineering background, or you don't need to have a knowledge of how to work on tools and techniques that is something which we will be teaching you in the program from scratch all you need to have is that you should be comfortable dealing with data statistics sorry data statistics.

Numbers that is something which is a very very important aspect of the program now this is the work experience distribution most majority of the candidates are between 8 and 12 years and that is where our average experience comes to around 8 years or 9 years or so it starts from 2 years and goes to as high as like 20 to 25 years also these are the kind of companies where our candidates are coming from again these are the top-notch organizations where they come from, and they are moving to within the company they are moving to better positions, or they are even moving towards the organizations which they aspire for so that is something which is happening throughout the 12 months of the program now some important details I just wanted to share that to be eligible for the program you need to have a bachelor's degree as well as minimum 50% of the graduation your previous experience in analytics or coding is not required right.

So you don't need to have previous experience in coding or analytics tools like R and Python are fairly simple tools to understand and anyway we are covering those tools from scratch within the program, so you should not be facing difficulty and as I said most of the professionals are from not from IIT not from analytics background, soot hey have been doing that.

We are going to launch our 50th batch in the PGP Ba bi program in the coming 10 15 days and that is something which has been made possible because most of the professionals who are joining the program are not from analytics background because we don't have that many professionals and analytics at this point of time and that is something which you should definitely not be worried about because the program space, as well as the structure, is as such that it should help you in understanding each and everything from end to end the program fees is 3 lakhs 95 thousand plus GST which is 18% what you will have to do is that you will have to go through a selection process wherein your profile after applying online you will your profile will be screened you will be going for the shortlisting process and then based on that screening.

The shortlisting and the interview process what happens an admission offer will be given to you within the ten days timeframe after the admission is offer is given to you you will have to pay the admission fee to confirm your candidature that is you'll have to pay fifty-nine thousand rupees to confirm the candidature and the remaining fees needs to be paid in three equal installments starting in the first month when the batch is commencing now if you are looking forward for any kind of education loan assistance then we have a tie-up with HDD cradle RDS FL one say education as well as this money you can definitely go ahead and avail those options the with just money we offer a very less less amount of interest rate we have because we have a direct tie-up with them as well as with HDFC and Man's education we are offering very very low education loan interest rate at around 10.15 percent which is exclusively only for Great Lakes candidates so that is something which as an option is made available to the candidates right.

So that was that all about the program and the details what we have these are the batch commencement dates which we have a Bangalore we are starting in the month of September October Chennai again August we we have just in fact started the match last weekend my apologies that I have not updated the next batch in Chennai is going to start in the month of November November 2018 we are going to start a batch in Delhi in South Delhi we are doing this batch 13th batch will be coming up in October in Hyderabad again August end last week we are going to launch the batch Mumbai is September and Pune in the month of November so that was it from my end in terms of the program information and the details if you are interested in knowing more about the program and talking to our admissions team you can reach out to the mobile number as well as the email id which is written if you want to write to me, you can also write to me about the program or anything I'll be more than happy to answer your questions.

Now I can see that a lot of you have also written questions in the questions panel and I would like to take them up one by one so Anuj has asked that I have done my MBA in agribusiness and working for eight years in agribusiness companies of repute in sales function I would like to give my career a sound transformation how much applicable will the course be for analytics to me also will there be any placement assistance post completion of the course, so I know regarding the placement assistance I have already told you that what we do as far as your current experience is concerned, and I was in fact talking to talking initially about the the number of professionals who are actually entering into the analytics domain with master's degree and most of them I would not say most but around 44 48 percent of the professionals in the analytics domain today are actually having master's degree with them and that is something which is again substantial, and it is on the rise with the kind of experience you have.

As I said you don't need to have technical knowledge or experience before coming into this program you need to have an understanding and liking for data statistics and basically numbers till the time you can do that you should be able to move forward the other part is that as far as the analytics within the agricultural area is concerned right there are the there are and the analytical ways actually have changed within the agriculture I'll just take a small example so tune in today scenario the companies are actually using satellite images to actually predict the output of the crop which will get generated from different a different area within the country.

Now, you cannot actually sit and analyze these images in a manual manner as well as you need certain algorithms you need certain mechanisms to identify that how satellite imagery can be actually used to identify that in this year how much production of crop India is going to generate and which crop weather if there is a hectare of land and out of one hectare of land how much crop will be productive how much crop will not be productive just based on the image the images which are getting generated on satellite that is kind of image and analytics or aspects related to that which are being used in the agricultural domain.

Now you are working in the sales function you will have to develop a certain pipeline that okay in the next ten months this is what I am going to do in the next ten months I am going to sell this much this is the production this is the output this is the capacity which we have this is the price at which I am going to sell these are the kind of you will have to take into account all the unforeseen situations I mean which you don't expect to happen, but you still will have to make a robust pipeline and to do that you'll have to use analytical tools and techniques to help you in estimating that otherwise if you are making a decision based what has happened in past it will not give you the kind of productive output which you are actually looking for and that's what we have seen in past but agriculture.

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