How analytics is being used I have given you one such example and there are many such examples and I would say definitely go ahead and do some more search on the internet that how analytics is being used in the agriculture domain you will find tons of examples with image analytics satellite images are being used that is something which you can definitely find so Mr. Dame ChandraRajagopal one has asked that what could be the reason for analytics coming to the forefront in the past two years.

So Mr. Dharma Chandra and I have already told in the initial slides that one big reason is that there is an exponential increase in data generation now again I am taking a very small example of Google right now there are so many companies who use the services of Google that because of the kind of data which it generates right earlier people will not having access to Android phones or laptops or internet or computer now they have even in the villages the penetration of internet and Android phones or smartphones basically has increased substantially so what that is doing is that every click what you are making on the system is actually generating more data.

Now if you are actually a very small example is that if you are searching for a selfie stick right you will find that the next day they will be on immediately if 10 minutes after that there will be an ad on your Facebook showing selfie stick from different sellers right that is a very basic form of analytics right a digital marketing analytics which has been which is being used there so similarly there are so many tons and tons of data which is being generated Facebook is used by everyone Twitter is used Instagram is being used so all these things have been used to analyze the behavior the pattern the kind of things which you like the kind of things which you comment everything is actually noted and monitored.

Based on that certain activities certain products certain services are sold to you you and that is where the companies and the and the growth actually comes from the different organization because there is a link everything is connected and that's where we are seeing more data getting generated because more people are on phones more people are on the internet and if data is getting generated it has to be utilized if it is being utilized than it is being utilized in the form of services products which are being offered, and we are paying for that those services and products.

VG has asked that why do you think analytics will taper down in 2025 so really I don't so the initial slide what I showed I don't think so that analytics will taper down drastically or something like that see add in any any industry at some point of the time after the industry has achieved certain growth rate there is going to be some slowness which is going to be there right now whether that the growth will dip I don't think so that the growth will dip but yes the growth will slow down maybe slightly to a certain extent because when you are moving to from 0 to 50 speed it is very easy, or it is a yeah it's kind of easy to move from 0 to 50 speed but when you move from fifty to an an a a a a a a a hundred speed it becomes all the more difficult and while you while the industry is moving from from 2018 today to 2025 there are more opportunities there is more growth right and because of that more professionals want to join and people who are moving into this domain early they will be getting the first mover advantage.

They will be part of the journey of the growth phase of this industry once most of the people would have joined once the industry would have realized that ok this is the maximum potential which we can reach or maybe instead of growing like 50 percent or 70 percent every year we will grow only like 5 percent or 10 percent every year obviously the growth pattern which will be there it will taper down little that's what that's how it happens across most of the industries and trends which we see so Mr. Dharma ChandrChandrasked that are their examples of analytics used in the infrastructure industry or power roads yes absolutely Mr. Ramachandran.

If we talk about power if you talk about real estate in India real estate analytics is being used in to a certain extent by different organizations in terms of understanding the various geographies in terms of understanding the kind of the materials and the products in terms of the pricing in terms of the the maintaining the supply chain for that infrastructure product how it needs to be done in terms of understanding the the sales process of that project all this kindof things which are there if you talk exclusively about product power sector then yes how much load the particular suppose if there is a power plant in the Delhi NCR region how much load that power plant has to can handle which all areas it needs to distribute what other discounts which are associated with that what are the and losses which the companies are facing what are the reasons for apart from and losses what are the other losses how they can optimize those losses all this kind of things are actually part and parcel of the analytics.

We are seeing companies like Reliance for Tata this kind of companies are using analytics a lot to their advantage to maximize the to maximize profit and reduce these losses which they have it is being actively used in certain sectors the growth of using analytics is slightly slower than the other sectors but as I said as in when more and more professionals are getting exposed to analytics in these sectors more professionals are actually using it so the industry is also using it, and they are growing at a faster pace in for a period of time but yes power and real estate definitely at least not real estate power and infrastructure area are actually using analytics to a great extent so trouble has asked that what kind of support do we get into the coding of tools our SAS Python etcetera.

A problem your entire program if you are doing regression if you are doing some scattered technique if you are learning if you are doing any kind of clustering technique if you are learning machine learning if you are doing any activity throughout the 12 months of the program you will be working on our or and in certain cases, you will be working on Python now throughout the program you will be getting into and support in terms of understanding how to work on these tools so initially when you start working on on on a tool like our you will be working from right from scratch in the first three classroom sessions you will be working on the tool how to get started with that what are the basic techniques and of actually working with those tools you will be given certain assignments or case studies.

Various kind of quizzes you will be given to actuallyse tools and techniques so that you can gather more momentum and pace over a period of time, and we have seen that our candidates who join the program within the initial three to five classroom sessions they pick up the pace on off working on R and Python very very quickly and these are very very in fact simple tools to understand these are not like very high fun decoding languages which we have these are fairly simple tools where you can just write problems where you can write statements in terms of getting the analysis done, so you should not find that difficult Fiji has asked that do we have in HR analytics, so we do not actively cover HR analytics, but we have as I said across different domains we are covering analytics if you are interested in HR analytics you can go ahead and take up a capstone project within the HR and analytics you will be appointed an industry mentor as well as it will, it can be an industry oriented project which you have and for three to four months you will be working on that project so that should serve the purpose.

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