We are seeing professionals who have even completed their post-graduation in fact they are coming back and learning and upscaling themselves in this area in fact most of the analytics professionals are actually around 40 to 44 percent of the analytics professionals who are there in the industry at this point of time are having post-graduation degrees and certifications because they have felt the need of doing analytics as one of the skill sets they should have in their profile, and they have gone ahead and equipped themselves and that is where we are again seeing more profession or such professionals coming into the system now one big reason for analytics becoming much more popular in India.

Right now is that earlier what happened is for around twenty twenty-five years or so Indian IT companies used to design and develop and deliver software and ways to capture data and ways to gather data for different countries different organizations across the border and that is where the IT industry grew where IT industry was providing software as a service to the different organization now over the last couple of years what has happened is that what do you do after you have developed that software.

You have designed a platform where you can collect all the data which an organization is generating now to gain benefit out of that the data which you have generated the other process which comes into the system is an analytics and that is where we are seeing more and more established companies which were actually operating in the within the software area they are now offering analytics and services to different countries and within India also they are offering those services to gain more momentum and this is one place where most of the job opportunities and most of the salaries are also getting some the dated and these are basically captive analytic centers which have come a come up in the last couple of a couple of years, and they are offering these services to different organizations across the world and within the country.

We can see countries like u.s. UK Australia Germany Canada these are the kind of countries where India is actually outsourcing the services analytic services to these countries and is being one of the biggest beneficiaries, and we are generating revenues accordingly as compared to if as compared to the previous year you can see that the revenues have been growing at a fairly fast pace and as and when more professionals will keep coming into the system and especially more skilled professionals who will keep coming into the system the revenues and the growth that is something which is going to grow up at a much more exponential pace as compared to what it is right now.

Now, this is what I was talking about a couple of minutes backs that analytics is something which is as an industry that's one thing but it is being used very very active in different domains within finance banking marketing supply chain e-commerce travel hospitality telecom healthcare retail all these segments are using analytics to their advantage now one single example I just wanted to take for detail was that I'm sure a lot of you would have heard the name of the target is the retail company in u.s. and they have multiple stores across the U.S. so what they do is that across different stores they were trying to find out pattern amongst different different different activities which their consumers are doing and using analytics they were able to figure out that males between the age group of 35 to 40 so 35 to 40 years of that age group male what they were actually coming to their store.

They were buying beer can now there was one more product along with the beer can which they were buying and if they would have not used analytics they would have never been able to find out that okay what what is that someone will generally buy along with a beer can now if you go out and ask someone that ok you're going to buy a beer can what else you will buy along with that and the answer will be maybe some snacks or maybe cigarette or something on those lines and these are very cancer and these are the most common acceptable answers that this is what a person can use beer along with but after doing an analysis across their different stores they were able to find out that men between the age group of 35 to 40 they were buying diapers along with beer can most of them were buying diapers along with beer can and this analysis was made possible by different techniques which they used to analyze the data which was generated from the various users which were coming into their store this was something which was again become helpful for them to position their product within their stores.

Across the different stores what they had they were able to position this the product that is the beer and diaper within the store in an in a pulley in a place where the sales can actually increase just by positioning of those two products and that is something which again is a very good use of analytics where retail companies are using have you ever imagined or have you ever thought that why very fast selling products are small ticket size products like chocolates or biscuits or something which will be maybe chewing gums these are the things which are kept when you are moving out of a retail store when you are billing in a retail store there is a specific reason for that.

The reason is basically mostly based on on the analytics and that is where product positioning people who are involved in product positioning team people who are involved in marketing team people who are involved in sales team they all come in together, and they go ahead and process this information and design a system for their organization right so that is one example of how analytics is being used in the retail area similarly if you talk about aviation similarly if you talk about banking and finance industry marketing extensively marketing the analytics is being used within the marketing industry so that is something which is there and I would definitely encourage you all to go ahead and find out on the internet you will find tons and tons of example where there are such interesting usage of analytics basically is happening across the different domain.

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